With nation having entered into the era of digitalisation and having drawn an ambitious plan of developing 100 cities to the first phase as smart cities in the country. chairmanThese two project are bound to provide a technological identity to the nation and shall help in accelerating India becoming a developed nation before targeted years of 2020.
The technological projects are bound to enhance the demand of professionals both in core and service engineering sectors. Mahant Bachitter Singh college of Engineering and Technology (A minority institution) has an important role to play in providing young engineers in different disciplines.
From year 2017 the institution has chalked out a programme of complete linkage of the institution with industry through providing need based market demand driven project training from the 1st semester itself so that our technocrats become employable during their studies only. With their technological experiences compatible with industries demand.
It gives pleasure to write that Mahant Bachitter Singh College of Engineering & Technology, Jammu will soon be admitting its 19th batch of 2017. Wishing all the freshers of Mahant Bachitter Singh College of Engineering & Technology a bright future in the field of engineering. MBS college of Engineering & Technology will make whole hearted attempt to sharpen their professional skills to confront challenges of the century.
My advice to the new entrants is that they should become disciplined students to acquire knowledge. Nothing is more tragic for a student than a wasted opportunity in life. Opportunity comes like a flash, if lost even Hercules can’t catch it again. Catch the opportunity should be your motto at Mahant Bachitter Singh College of Engineering & Technology and even after Post engineering.

With best wishes

(Rangil Singh)